A Distance To Be Travelled


       F                 C     
Like a leaf blown from a mighty tree
       F                    C
I will bid farewell to this company
    F                  C
For there’s a distance to be travelled
     C               G
That beckons now for me

From the lit room into darkness
Through the hallway and from this place
I will take a leave of my companies
Too soon called away


    F                          C
The friends we’ve made and the songs we sing
        F                  C
They’ll carry our names on with the wind
    F                C
And with each chorus comes the cry
     C (single strum)
That I have lived (I have lived, I have lived)
        C      G
Sure as I will die

Whether in passing or in parting
Whether or not we meet again
All that’s lost will be remembered
When nights come to an end


    Am              F     C
But as the sound of music fades
    F                  C
The band plays on with voices raised
   Am                 F    C
Oh all must step from this embrace
C                G
Into the untamed dark

      Am     F      C
Oh oh oooooh oooooh oooooh
      Am     F      G
Oh oh oooooh oooooh oooooh

Chorus x 2