Tim Jones with the Morris Folk Choir February 2017
St Giles Bowl live at the monthly Morris folk club, with full accompaniment from around the room!

Tim Jones & Karen Phillips performing on the Golden Hinde 6/5/2016
The Golden Hinde is one of our favorite venues to play! A couple of songs from the Oyster Girl and some exciting extras filmed from the gun deck (where the cannons are).

The Making of St Giles Bowl
James had a camera running for a lot of the time while we were making this album – tunes, silliness and a man milking cows for the first time.

Harringay Races – 3rd place in the Islington Folk Club TRAD2MAD competition
An unaccompanied song that I entered into Islington Folk Club’s annual competition.

Far Normandy at The Convent in Gloucestershire
The Convent is a lovely venue, and this is the final song from our debut album – you have to wait a while for Ted to come in but it’s worth it.

The Aberdare Drinking Song late at night in Arena Design Centre
This was at a party in a warehouse, where someone just happened to have an excellent camera! There is dancing.

Tunes Set: The Sloe / Dark Girl Dressed in Blue on the Golden Hinde
We like playing tunes and these are a couple of our faves.

Sweet Lemeny in the back of a camper van
This will be on the next album. Had just worked it out at this point, recorded in the back of my old VW van ‘Gypsy Danger’ on the cliffs near Hell’s Mouth in Cornwall.

Jenny Pluck Pears in Arena Design Centre
A tune I learned from Leveret, in CGCGCD tuning.