Mari Lwyd Llundain

The Mari Lwyd has escaped from Wales and was stalking the streets of London on Friday night! Good times seeing how much we could freak out Kings Cross pub clientele with Welsh songs and a horse’s skull (they dealt with it well!), then dancing at London Welsh Centre with the Spring Heeled Jacks.

Top 5 Bob Dylan Songs (Willfully Obscure Edition)

I quite like Bob Dylan*, and him winning the Nobel Prize is good reason to go listen to him again – it’s been a while actually! Here’s 5 lesser known songs for you – yes, I know they are maybe not as good as Visions of Johanna or Desolation Row, but you’ve heard those before… *understatement … More Top 5 Bob Dylan Songs (Willfully Obscure Edition)

Lyrics Book

The time has come to say goodbye to my lyrics book (or rather to put it away in a safe place). There are lots of songs in here from the past year and a bit, some which still haven’t been performed yet, and some which have been properly recorded… If you’re interested in my terrible … More Lyrics Book

New studio setup

So here’s the new studio control room I’ve built into the back of my boat… Focusrite 8 input interface & preamp, SE2200a, AT3035 and Oktavia MK 012-01 condensers, and drum mic set. Probs need to get me an SM57 too, and battery power means only 3-4 hrs at a time, but still looking good! Plenty of … More New studio setup

Standon Calling

At Standon Calling last weekend with the Grand Union Shanty Crew. We did two sets on the Octopia Stage, with a repertoire ranging from the Mingulay Boat Song to Chicken on a Raft, to a very special version of Sing John Ball collected earlier this year at the Sark Folk Festival volunteers campsite…. Videos to … More Standon Calling