St Giles Bowl

Capo on 3rd (when we play it live, no capo on recorded version)

G             C       G
I've given my body to vice and strong ale
G             C             D      
I have drunk deep from this well
G                     C         G
But don't show me the door just yet my love
G         C           D
Stay your hand on the bell
G             C             G
Betsey, sweet Betsey you've stolen my heart
G         C            D
How can I return to my home?
Em                C       G                  
There's no more a welcome there for me
G           D      G
Surely it’s here I belong


G          C      G
Surely it's here I belong
G          C      D
Surely it's here I belong
When the bell rings
G         C      G
I will be lea – ving
G               D      G
But surely it's here I belong

Oh come all you young men who play and sing,
My hands were once steady as yours
But now my voice is faltering
It’s not like the time before
Oh who'd be a drinking man these days
When there’s so much work to be done
We’ll empty the barrels in the Southampton
We'll quarrel, we'll fight and then some


Music and dancing were my first loves
The hops and the barley my last
I've left this long and happy life 
All for the want of a glass
So give me, oh give me that St. Giles bowl
I’ve one last place now to go 
Bury me out in the barley fields
So I might return with the mow