The Oyster Girl

Verse intro: Chord of D, with a hammer on to B on the A string

D                     A           D                      A
Give me a life on the river bank, sunshine bright on the mooring post
D        G                  D           A     D
40 ft of narrow boat, she’s fine as can be to me
D               A             D                         A
Twenty years or maybe more we travelled this whole wide country o’er
D                  G           D      A     D
Floating down from Birmingham, waving as we go

D               G
Up and down the cuts and rivers
A                 D
In and out of the locks to moor
D                    G
Raise a glass to The Oyster Girl
D                  A  D
She’s the one that I adore
         G                    D
Will you raise a glass to The Oyster Girl
          G        A  D
She’s the one that I adore

Cycling on the river Lea, through the skullcap and meadowsweet
To the Anchor and Hope eventually to drink the day away
Now it’s tables and chair for firewood, tar the bottom and make her good
14 days to stay a while and then we’ll be on our


Leeds and Liverpool, up the Tyne, Wigan Pier, the Rochdale nine
All these Northern loves of mine, we’ll not see their likes again
And I don’t mind the winter floods, the snow the hail and the driving rain
Soon the sun will come again and then we’ll be on our way


(diddling over verse chords)
   D             A
If ever I find myself to be
     D            A
Some gentleman of high degree
    D                G              D           A     D
I’d pack up my bags immediately and then I’d be on my way